Jennifer Ouano

Vancouver, Canada

My specialties are the creation and production of innovative storytelling experiences, multi-platform entertainment, mobile apps, games and gamification, location-based services, the design of spaces, and deliciousness.

I have over twenty years' award-winning experience as a producer, director, filmmmaker, journalist, entrepreneur and business development specialist in all genres and across all media (web, mobile, TV, film, radio).

As the CEO of BTWXT Games, we make location-based games for mobile and social platforms that play in between the virtual and real worlds. Our games have garnered several prestigious awards and distinctions.

As the President of Elastic Entertainment, we're a digital media consultancy and production company that formed in 2006. I've consulted, designed and managed multi-platform properties and campaigns of all scales for major networks, media and tech companies. I've prototyped cutting-edge technology (LBS, augmented reality, mobile, MMOGs) with several university research groups.

As a Food Entrepreneur, I launched a world-class café in 2011 in Baja, Mexico — El Corazón Café in Loreto Bay. I'm designing some amazing food products for 2014.

I live at the intersection of story, design, technology and taste. I breathe creative vision, style and aesthetic, ideas and imagination.

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